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Running Shoes Versus Cross-Trainers

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When it comes to choosing between running shoes or cross-trainers do you know which style to go with? Thee's a few factors that can help you in choosing the right athletic shoes to suit your needs. Here's some tips from your friends here at Detroit Kicks:

What type of exercise do you typically do?

If you typically jog or walk you should go with running shoes. These types of shoes are specifically engineered for heel to toe motion on your feet. If you're wondering why you shouldn't go with "walking" shoes, running shoes cater to a larger range of foot types. Running shoes are also built to last longer.

Cross trainers are great if you do aerobics, weight training, or any activity that involves side-to-side movement.

What Type of Foot Do You Have?

There's a host of health problems that can arise from exercising in the wrong sneakers like arthritis, plantar fasciitis and runner's knee. Finding the right kind of sneakers to suit your body and activity type can save you from many problems later on. You need to know where you have the most pressure when you walk. That's a great place to start for your foot health.

Detroit Kicks is here to help you with all of your premium athletic sneaker needs. Browse around our site and contact us with any questions about our selection of exclusive sneakers.


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